Bel Canto Benefactors

Bel Canto Benefactors are those members of the Overture Society who have designated one or more planned gifts to Lyric with a value exceeding $100,000 in combination with an annual gift of $1,000 or more.

Bel Canto Benefactors receive a number of special benefits, over and above those benefits received by all Overture Society members. These include a listing of Bel Canto Benefactors on the Overture Society page of the season program, special recognition at the Overture Society luncheon, and invitations to an Intermezzo Luncheon with members of Lyric's artistic staff.

For more information on Planned Giving at Lyric Opera, the Overture Society, or the Bel Canto Benefactors, please call Jonathan Siner, Lyric's Director of Planned Giving at (312) 827-5677 or email