2014/15 Season Overview - Production Notes & Ticket Availability - Lyric Opera of Chicago

Upcoming Performances

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 The Iconic American Musical in a New Lyric Production

Lang Lang Recital

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May 9

Audiences will thrill to his performance with large-screen video enhancements that follow his every riveting move during this one-night only engagement!

Second Nature

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August 19 - August 20

Second Nature is set in the not-so-distant future, when the environment has deteriorated and humans have decided it’s safer to live in zoo-like habitats that protect them from the outside world. Encouraged by the other animal inhabitants, two young children dare to explore the world outside the walls to see if there is still something worth saving. 

The Marriage of Figaro

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September 26 - October 24

Figaro gets ready to marry his lovely Susanna – and endeavors to get his fiancée to the altar with her virtue still intact!


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October 4 - October 30

The beloved tale of Cinderella (La Cenerentola) meets operatic delight in this bubbling Rossini hit!


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November 1 - November 21

Raw, powerful, and transformational in its emotional punch and musical form, Wozzeck is an opera that's meant to shake an audience to its core.

The Merry Widow

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November 14 - December 13

Beautiful Hanna’s late husband has left her a very rich woman. In fact, she’s so rich that the economy of her homeland depends on her marrying a local.

Bel Canto

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December 7 - January 17

Ann Patchett’s best-selling novel Bel Canto took the literary world by storm – now, in a new work, this riveting story inspired by a real-life event becomes a powerful opera.


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January 23 - February 12

Politics. Religion. A dangerous love triangle. Plus two killer roles and some of the greatest choral music ever written, including the soulstirring "Va, pensiero" chorus. This is the opera that made Verdi a star!

Der Rosenkavalier

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February 8 - March 13

Can the elegantly alluring Marschallin find lasting happiness with her lover Octavian, who’s half her age? Does the hot-blooded Baron really think his exalted position guarantees that young Sophie will be his wife?

Romeo and Juliet

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February 22 - March 19

He's a Montague and she's a Capulet — families who have hated each other for centuries. Yet when Romeo meets Juliet, they fall instantly and rapturously in love.

The King and I

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April 29 - May 22

The King of Siam is an absolute ruler. But he meets his match in Anna, the feisty Welsh teacher he's hired to instruct his many wives and children in the ways of the "civilized" West and help him learn to lead his country into the modern world.

2015/16 Concerts and Recitals

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January 9 - February 26

Two dazzling events: Opera’s most stratospheric stars are coming to Lyric — for unique, one-night-only performances!


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January 24 - March 14

A fiery diva, the rebel artist who claims her heart, and the sadistic police chief before whom all Rome trembles — for more than a hundred years, audiences have watched and listened spellbound as the cat-and-mouse game between Tosca and Scarpia plays to its deadly conclusion.


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February 9 - March 6

Tannhäuser, minstrel and renegade, is lured into the erotic realm of the love goddess Venus. There he luxuriates in lust and a host of sinful pleasures. But finally it's all too much.

The Passenger

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February 24 - March 15

Guilt and denial, lies and truth, fear and courage, and love — it's all here in an artistic and emotional experience you'll never forget.

The Magic Victrola

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January 17

A kid-friendly intro to opera for children and their families!

The Property

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February 25 - March 5

The Property  tells the story of Regina Segal and her granddaughter Mica, who travel to modern Warsaw to try to regain family property lost during World War II. As their journey unfolds, Regina is forced to confront painful truths about her past, while Mica realizes their reasons for coming might not be all that they seemed. 

El Pasado Nunca Se Termina

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March 13 - March 29

On May 16, 1910, Halley's Comet appeared in the sky over Mexico. Many believed it foretold the bloodshed and upheaval that were to come.